10th September 2014, Cambridge, UK

New Business Venture Announced  

Level 3 Marketing business Markmedia  and Belltech Corp have announce a new business partnership to develop an digital marketing measurement toolkit. Markmedia have been using the Papyrus analytics tool for some time with a range of clients. The new venture will develop new measurement and analysis modules for the tool that cater for the requirements of digital marketers in specific sectors. Within 3 months new tool kits will be available to clients that offer unrivaled monitoring of digital marketing campaigns and interactions and that capitalize on changes relevant to their sector.

Mark McCormack from Level3 commented “Digital marketing has matured beyond the phase on a one size fits all measurement system. We know from work with clients that sectors often need a solution dedicated to their needs in order to leap ahead of the competition. For that reason we are funding this dedicated development team to create a measurement solution that is bespoke and will continue to evolve to meet the needs of key sectors in digital marketing”.

Amanda Wulff from Belltech added: ” We have worked closely with Level 3 for several years and they have strong ideas about how our system can be tailored to give their clients a marketing advantage, so when an opportunity came up to cooperate more fully, we grabbed it.”

The new development team are based in East of England and will offer support for clients around Europe.


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