Cambridge has a vibrant commercial heart with thriving Pharma, tech and aviation sectors. Every month, new start-ups emerge with promising disruptive technologies and ideas that have the potential to change our world. For the past decade we have worked with leading Cambridge organisations to help them to achieve their commercial goals. With larger companies we have acted both as interims and as commercial advisors. With smaller firms we have been helping them as consultants to deliver specific marketing projects. Whether you want a campaign delivered or you want strategic advice, we have a marketing consultant who can deliver what you need. We have a strong track record of delivering consistent sales growth for our clients in Cambridge by offering practical, value for money advice that we know from experience will be effective. The marketing consulting projects that we have undertaken in the area include:

  • Sourcing and launching a new own brand product range for a B2B distribution company
  • Delivering a new e-commerce system and supporting digital marketing campaigns (B2C)
  • Identifying a substantial new business stream and lead data for a large field sales force

Call us now or leave your details to find out more about how we have built a strong reputation in Cambridge for effective marketing and how a marketing consultant could help you to achieve your business goals. cambridge_kings