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Marketing Consultants That Deliver Results

If you are looking for results and not advice, then Markmedia are people that you should be talking to. If the way you go to market needs a bit of a boost to if you need a fresh marketing approach, then we can help .

Market Analysis & Strategy

Markets and customers are constantly changing. For some organisations this is a challenge and for others it is an opportunity. Keeping your ear to the ground is more than just […]

Telling Your Story

Standing out from the crowd is tough for any organisation. The most important mistake most make is that they have a great story but they don’t tell it very well. […]

Business Growth

Sales people are a valuable resource and providing them with genuine leads that they can convert is vital for any organisation. We know how to source the best prospects and […]


From the Blog

  • Scottish Referendum – The Marketing Lessons

    Scottish Referendum – The Marketing Lessons

    The polling stations are open and the pundits have spoken their last (we wish). As we await the result, what are the marketing lesson that we can draw from the […]

  • How To Waste Money On Market Research

    How To Waste Money On Market Research

    I recently had a long discussion with a CEO about the role of market research in setting out the road map for future product and service developments. He was convinced […]

  • How To Boost Your Advertising Response Rates  

    How To Boost Your Advertising Response Rates  

     The latest data on the amount of advertising messages that an average human is exposed to is frightening. It is no wonder that we develop coping mechanisms to screen out […]



  • Brian H

    “I wish I had met the Markmedia team before I revamped my website. The previous web developers did a great job making a good looking site, but it did nothing for my business. After only an hours with these guys, I knew what I had to change and how to do it. But if I knew then what I do now I could have saved myself a lot of time and money”


If you are looking for a marketing consultant in the UK or if you think that a marketing consultant could add some value to your business, then why not give us a call. We are based near Cambridge, but our consultants work on marketing assignments all over the UK and Europe. No matter what type of marketing project you want to work on, we will source a consultant who has the marketing knowledge and experience to do a great, value for money job for you. [Peterborough Marketing Consultant ] [Cambridge Marketing Consultant ]